5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Fitness Classes

5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Fitness Classes

A good friend of mine always says February is the time of year when amnesia runs rampant.

She forgets that she isnt supposed to have that extra piece of cake. And the concept of working out on a daily basis has completely slipped her mind. But somehow she has problem remembering what time her favorite tv show comes on.

If youre anything like her, you might think a new and improved you is something that, once again, wont take place until next year.

But, its not too late to change 2012 into your best year yet. So try these 5 tips to get more out of your fitness classes.

Set goals. Be creative in visualizing what can be. Dont rely on the past to determine the future. Banish those limiting thoughts I dont have enough time or I cant possibly. Sure you might not be able to do the Flying Insect pose within your first two weeks of yoga class, but set realistic goals that you can reach and feel proud when youve accomplished them.

Create a really big vision of your ideal life. Be specific. Write it down. Make sure you set it in the future. Make your vision concise with all of the major domains of your life included. Your vision should make you excited when you read it. Use the present tense and write it as though it is. Whether you want to lose 15 pounds or run a marathon 6 months from now, know what it is!

Make sure you are balanced. Your vision needs to include all of the major areas of your life: personal, health, professional, financial, spiritual. Create your vision and set goals to include everything you want in life. Otherwise youll feel out of balance and unfulfilled.

Sure yoga is fun, but if you hate your job, youre still going to be miserable in that area. Focusing on one goal at a time is the best way achieve what you want, but dont forget the other avenues that have a huge impact on your overall happiness.

Be really, really audacious. Think big and boldly. Set goals that are a stretch and require you to be a little uncomfortable. Its your life. You want it to be fulfilling, exciting and energizing. So be audacious and authentic in visualizing your future. Whether thats signing up for a fitness program that you never saw yourself taking or pushing yourself to the extra limit in your fitness classes, youll be glad you did

Make sure you can measure it. Goals and vision without a time line or a measure of completion is procrastination waiting to happen. Make sure that you set a by when date. Include what you want, not just what you dont want. Use concise words that specifically describe what you want. Instead of Sign up for fitness classes try something like Sign up for and attend 3 fitness classes per week

Get the support you need whether it is more knowledge, acknowledgement or accountability.

Share your vision with friends, colleaguesanyone who will help to keep you focused. Track your fitness progress on a daily or weekly basis. Make sure to celebrate your successes while never beating yourself up for the stumbling you are bound to do.

Take ownership of your life and the way you want to live. Authentically identifying your vision and taking daily action towards achieving will help you succeed in making your vision reality.